Shoshana + Bryan | Temecula Engagement Session

Happy Monday friends! Today we are sharing Shoshana + Bryan’s engagements session up on the blog!


Shoshana and Bryan met at the end of the year in 2015. Bryan needed to get one more trip on Southwest Airlines to achieve A-List status for the next year so he decided to take a trip to visit a college friend in San Francisco. Shoshana was in San Fran at the time and they met through a dating app. They started talking and Bryan told Shoshana he didn’t live there but would like to keep the conversation going. They talked non-stop for a few days and he flew back up to San Francisco just a week after they matched in order to see her again. They spent a couple days together and she flew down to SoCal to spend New Years with him. And the rest is history!


Bryan went to visit Shoshana back up in San Francisco and she picked him up at the airport after his flight was delayed. They dove right into the date and went to a bowling alley and played a couple of rounds and then they went to his friend’s house to hang out. The next day they drove around her neighborhood and Napa then went to dinner with the friends he was staying with.

“We both knew after meeting that it was something special.”

Shoshana and Bryan are the perfect mix of sporty and laid back. They love to travel and with Bryan’s work Shoshana gets to go with him, they also love being active like paddleboarding and kayaking as well as relaxing by binge-watching TV or cooking.  They love baseball and it’s a huge part of their lives so anaturally they incorporated it into their session!


They were in New York for one of Bryan’s work trips and his brother and sister in law decided to tag along too. During one of the days while in NYC his brother and sister in law went to see some friends who lived there so Shoshana and Bryan decided to walk around Central Park. After saying he wanted to find a ‘quiet spot’, which was on top of a small hill in the park he got down on a knee and proposed!

Talk about one of those movie engagements!

Shoshana and Bryan got married March 11th at Galway Downs and we were a part of capturing their love there too!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Resnick!

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