Venue Vendor List- Highlight on Photography.

Working with a Venue’s Preferred Vendors, or the venue vendor list comes with many perks. One of them is that having a list will highlight all the must-have vendors you’ll want to hire, ensuring you aren’t missing any details. Today we’re going to dig into why working with a venue’s preferred photographer is good for your wedding.

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First Things First…

If they’re on the vendor list, they know the venue staff. This leads to seamless communication in the lead up to the wedding day and more importantly on the wedding day. The relationship between a photographer, on the list, and venue has been cultivated and measured for many months or even years before they make the list. The venue knows the photographer, their work, their work ethic, and their personalities so there are no surprises.

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What’s in for you?

Maybe more importantly for you, these photographers know the venue. For a photographer, knowing the location means they will be more time-efficient. They will know what the lighting is like, and when and where to get the best pictures during your wedding. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for your photographer to be asking you where to go next, or wandering around the property looking for the right spot.

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Last but not LEAST!

Something you probably don’t want to think about… they have dealt with worst-case scenarios at the venue. You never know what might happen on your wedding day, rain, power outages, etc. Working with a photographer who is familiar with your venue will guarantee they aren’t looking to you to solve the problem. Making what could be a hiccup turn into a stressful situation.

Wedgewood Wedding, Galway Downs Wedding, Temecula Wedding, The Studio by Leah Marie

If your curious which lists we’re on just check out our blog for three of our favorite location to shoot at. Or check out our Instagram feed to see just how beautiful they are.

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